Xuzhou Suning Plaza (Mixed-Use Retail) by Aedas
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Known as an "Imperial Emperor’s Town", Xuzhou is a historically prominent city with more than 5,000 years of history. We tried to find a link connecting this history with contemporary urban life. Produced in the late Zhou Dynasty the "Lucky Cloud" pattern has a historical connection with Xuzhou. The cloud is magical, the changing of the natural form that inspires reverie, the symbol of auspiciousness. In contemporary interpretations a cloud is a parable for the wild and chaotic urban life.
The Located in the prosperous business district of Xuzhou, Xuzhou Suning Plaza is expected to be a key instrumental project for the future development of the city. The project creates a symbol of "Lucky Cloud" pattern by locating five towers in different orientations over a circular podium, floating and embracing altogether like a dynamic cloud. The different orientations provide the towers with good sunshine and helps avoid cross views while giving each tower has great views of Xuzhou.
Design Challenges
The project design is highly versatile in the combination of spaces and functions and enhances the city by offering a public plaza within, as well as becoming a visual icon for the city.
Production Technology
Curtain wall and aluminum panels used for sustainable considerations. The area of glass curtains are strictly calculated and controlled to reduce solar heating. Aedas designed bespoke integrated natural lighting and ventilation system for this project. Aluminum panels create rings around the building giving it a flowing motion.
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