Architextiles (Acoustic Textiles) by Aleksandra Gaca
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design Award Winner
Weaving is an ancient technology, I like to honour the emotional, deeply human quality of woven textiles while constantly pushing the boundaries of the industry. Every step I take inspires me to go further. My innovations focus on creating improved structures with better acoustic and insulating effects, using more sustainable materials and designing fresh pattern and colour combinations.
Architextiles is a series of sound absorbing textiles with a woven 3D structure. Due to their ribbed texture, these fabrics absorb sound waves much better than flat textiles. Thus contributing to a more muted environment. These textile panels combine two features: noise reduction and decoration. The undulating surface creates a play of light and shadow. This conceptual approach lies at the intersection of art, design and architecture.
Design Challenges
Aleksandra Gaca did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Architextiles Acoustic Textiles.
Production Technology
the Architextiles collection was developed through an innovative combination of both craft and high tech elements, in a seamless process to create the panels. The textile panels, produced using sustainable materials. There are three variations of Casalis Architestiles: Cello, Slumber and ONDO. Cello are woven in a mixture of 30% merino wool, 29% virgin wool, 24% polyester, 16% cotton and 1% elastane. Architextiles Slumber are woven in a mixture of 31% merino wool, 22% PA, 15% cotton, 13% kid mohair and 1% elastane. Architextiles ONDO are woven in Woven in a mixture of 0.6% elasthane and 99.4% Trevira CS polyester.
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