Freedom Collection (Inspirational Jewellery) by Faith Hilda Quek
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
Heartened by the personal story of a client who found her courage and inner strength as a single mother to her two beloved sons, Faith was commissioned to create for her the original Freedom ring to celebrate her newfound freedom. Dressed in gorgeous rose gold, subtle curves portray the gentle spirit of a woman while the broad facet reflect her generous and giving heart. The trilogy of diamonds represent each gem of a child whom she loves dearly, close to her heart & a reminder of self love. This first ring inspired the birth of the suite of Freedom collection.
Stripping away complexity and distilling design to a clean aesthetic of sweeping concave curves, each jewel is crafted to fit perfectly on each client, customizable to the number of gems or diamonds and materials. The concave sweep in each Freedom jewel catches light and returns its brilliance with the strategic placement of each diamond.
Design Challenges
Originally trained as an architect before becoming a bespoke fine jewellery designer, Faith created mostly intricate and detailed, art deco inspired designs. The creative process to further expand the Freedom concept, into a full collection by distilling core design basics down to clean, strong lines is a personal journey on its own. Compared to designing for a private clientele, creating for a cause is the most powerful emotion to share and the amazing ripple effect to see the collection so passionately embraced by women (and men) of all ages and stages of their lives is most heartening.
Production Technology
First moulded and carved out of wax, each piece is adjusted painstakingly for the best comfort on the wearer. In particular, the Freedom ring being wide and curved, it is tailor made to fit comfortably and effortlessly gliding on and staying on the finger, the ring is design to match and flow with the full collection in pendant, earrings to match any outfit and personal style, making a strong statement in a bold yet quiet way.
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