Faber House (Residential Home) by ONG&ONG
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Faber was crafted to suit the needs of the family. From an expansive kitchen defined by sleek stone that was personalised for the wife, to an entertainment room that stretches out across the basement, every aspect was tailored for the client.
This residence was designed to fulfill the needs of the client, where their two foremost considerations were family and friends. Envisioning a place where friends and loved ones could gather, the new home was to be the warm hearth around which family life could revolve, filled with laughter and happy memories of those closest. As such, architects created a home that could grow symbiotically with the young family, with numerous features and touches that would also make it ideal for socialising.
Design Challenges
The main challenge of this project was acquiring the right balance of meeting practical demands of the client as well as infusing stylistic themes into the residence all while preserving gardens and maximizing greens. This is apparent through the use of perforated aluminium mesh on the second storey, which not only caters to the client's privacy, but also controls internal ambient temperatures and introduces light and shadow interplay among the lush environment.
Production Technology
Faber features two rectangular volumes stacked atop one another, forming the core of the residence. A sand-coloured wood panel façade lines the entrance foyer, separating the stone-lined driveway from the lap pool behind. Made from zircon wood, the façade at the entrance foyer introduces the timber motif that manifests throughout. The home is also highlighted by an intricate metal façade of retractable screens, which shield the upper floor bedrooms from sunlight and heat.
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