The Apothecary (Playing Cards) by Alexander Chin
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
In a world that is going more digital Seasons wanted to explore the opposite by turning the ephemeral into the physical. The approach was to transform invisible concepts and ideas into a handcrafted user experience that one could see and feel. The Apothecary, as a purveyor of curiosity and wonder, became the theme to create a world where these intangibles embodied real elements which could be harvested into physical totems for prescription in response to our every day digital lives.
The designs are inspired by vintage apothecary packaging to capture the intangibles being represented. To reflect these themes, a focus on both the visual and tangible aspects of packaging are prioritized to imbue an aura of mystery around each design. Package options including raised intaglio engravings, sculpted embossing, and heat sensitive inks to make truly responsive package designs that create a memorable experience between brand and users.
Design Challenges
How does one connect the unknown to something real? The best way discovered to capture something that does not physically exist is to form visual cues within the packaging on how to handle the unfamiliar. The solution was a package design system that matched intangibles with cohesive attributes. By starting with already understood concepts such as seasons and extrapolating from there, it brought both credibility and a higher level of authenticity to each story of traits each design had.
Production Technology
Each composition is illustrated on vellum and inked. Images are vectorized in Illustrator and then colored in Photoshop to polish before submission for printing with the U.S. Playing Card Company. Standard boxes feature foiling and sculpted embossing. Limited edition decks are gilded by hand and packed in custom boxes which are coated in temperature sensitive inks. Emphasizing the craft, each deck is then wrapped, dated, and numbered in intaglio sleeves with the artist signature.
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