Dr.bei (Bass Toothbrush) by Fred Zhao
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Winner
We put a lot of effort and focus on the product itself instead of the packaging. Together with our suppliers, we have developed more efficient and cleaner bristles, while preventing bacteria from breeding. The four-color design is used in different seasons and is also convenient for families to use separately. Sandwich-shaped brush layout, high-quality materials and pure design, winning the favor of consumers of Asian and European.
Dr.Bei toothbrush consists of three different materials in different heights. The spiral-shaped, colored layer ensures elasticity, while the grey bristles dry quickly and together with the white brush elements with silver ions, prevent the accumulation of bacteria. Three bristles arranged in Yamagata structure adapting to the bass brush method of science. Scientific layout of the bristles, food grade material brush handle and pure stylish design make it outstanding among Asia market.
Design Challenges
Fred Zhao did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Dr.bei Bass Toothbrush.
Production Technology
Each part has its own unique technology. White brush contains antibacterial silver ions, gray brush contains active carbon with strong clean, the colored brushes are helical bring better elastic. The colored parts we use non-slip, anti-fouling and good-feeling thermoplastic rubber to increase the comfort; Optical-grade mirror polishing mold to create the handle body that easy to clean, and our optical-grade mold cost is 10 times the ordinary mold; Secondary injection molding craft create the perfect looking, scientific layout of brushes enhance the oral care cleaning effect.
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