Should-Brella (Hand-Free Umbrella) by GUORONG LUO
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Winner
Walking through the streets of a bustling city in a rainy season, I often see such a fragment: people have multi-task to do while holding an umbrella. Because of the lack of concentration, they can not handle the umbrella very well, causing some accidents. So I began to think: Is the structure of the traditional umbrella not suitable for the pace of modern life and lack of good user experience? Does the traditional umbrella have the possibility of being partially disrupted?
Should-brella is a disruptive and safer umbrella that adapts to the modern lifestyle, liberating users' hands and improving the usage efficiency. Its shoulder support structure changes umbrella's feature, increases stability and provides a new ergonomic experience. The main focus of this project is simplifying the using process so that user can use it naturally. This product was designed for people of almost all ages who use the umbrella frequently and need to do many things when using it.
Design Challenges
The hardest part is how to find out the best organic shape of the handle that can tightly attach to the surface of shoulders. Also, it was very hard to simplify the user process and reduce the limitation of hands as much as possible.
Production Technology
Injection Moulding: Recycling PP Plastic Without using any new technologies and materials, its cost of mass production is very low and it has sustainable development possibilities for existing product replacement.
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