Small Paper Dancers (Art Exhibition) by TAKUJI KAMIO
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Small paper dancers was made for an installation art as a part of a local cultural festival in Pangkor island, Malaysia. The art represents freedom. The white stones at the bottom are human beings in societies, and those are tied to the ground and limited the movement while the dancers represent soul and spirituality. Once their wills are opened with their eyes, their souls may start flying and dancing. The small dancers will start dancing in the island sky and melt into various lighting colors.
The dancers were made of paper napkins mostly by the school kids volunteers. More than 2000 dancers were displayed on the 500 white strings placed in every 150mm pitch. The design team applied 20 meter LED lights among the walls to provide visitors the dramatic experience with the different color atmospheres on each time, while those dancers may move with the natural breezes.
Design Challenges
Through this project, more than 40 volunteers were involved including 20 kids. The most challenging part was the displaying phase. To make dancers move naturally with winds, the team needed to figure out the ideal looseness of the strings and also had to consider how to fix the strings to the floor strong enough. They used white stones and layered double side tapes. Also the team applied the lacquer coating to the paper dancers to increase the hardness and keep them away from the dust damages.
Production Technology
Materials : pieces of paper napkins, string, stone, phillips hue LED
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