Metaxa Grande Fine (Alcoholic Bottle) by Red Design Consultants Rodanthi Senduka
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Our main inspiration was to capture the essence of life and the free spirit of the Aegean Sea which is part of Greece's identity. Free Agean Blue brush strokes reflect this freedom set against the white porcelain bottle resembling the magnificent light of Greece and at the same time maintaining the unique identity of the Metaxa Grande Fine bottle.
Metaxa Grande Fine pays tribute to Greece, its traditions, craftsmanship, art and aspirational way of living. The original white porcelain decanter, decorated with colourful patterns, inspired by Greek folk art, has helped establish Metaxa Grande Fine as a prized gift. Today, Metaxa Grande Fine is re-introduced in a limited Collector’s Edition, still inspired by its Greek roots, but with a new contemporary look, capturing both the essence of life and the free spirit of the Aegean Sea.
Design Challenges
Red Design Consultants Rodanthi Senduka did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Metaxa Grande Fine Alcoholic Bottle.
Production Technology
The free brush strokes were painted and composed onto a porcelain decanter by Rodanthi Senduka.
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