The Hk Eye Sculpture (Public Art Sculpture) by Kirin Leung & Koren Sin
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
The sculpture represents the dynamic, diversity and vibrancy of Hong Kong as represented by the image of the Victoria Harbour. The skyline takes a radial form emerging from the center of the sculpture to represent the dynamic flux in Hong Kong as a first-class international city. The skylines of the Hong Kong and Kowloon sides are facing each other invertedly to represent the close interaction and dialogue within different parts of the society that makes Hong Kong a loveable place to live.
The HK Eye is a stainless steel sculpture that is inspired by the beauty of the skyline along two sides of the Victoria Harbour. It is located at a very prominent location at the heart of Hong Kong - the Tamar Park which is right adjacent to the government headquarter of the city.
Design Challenges
The challenge of the project is the mainly the structural design part. Since the sculpture form is inclined towards the back with only a minimal footing to support the mass on top, careful calculation is needed to minimize the depth of foundation, while making the structure stable enough to support the sculpture on top. Another challenge is the fabrication process. Since the sculpture rings are made of individual buildings in radial form, we have to unfold each radial building piece from the ring into a flat surface for lazercut. The pieces are then weld back onto the ring and polished by hand to give the mirror finish.
Production Technology
The sculpture is made by digital fabrication and hand crafts using 316 stainless steel
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