Phecda Mansion (Sales Center) by GND Design Limited
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Phecda is the third star in the Big Dipper, is also named as the Fortune Planet, and is responsible for the fortune both on the world and in the sky. While the mansion is located in the prosperous Shenzhen City, aims to help people to realize their dreams and set free their poetic aspiration of looking up at the starry sky, so that people are always wishful despite living in a busy era.
While the space highlights the youthful and dynamic characters of the city, it also demonstrates its fashionable and modern artistic nature. The elements of the silent vast universe are introduced to awaken the desiring hearts of the youth after hard work, to comfort them with the profoundness and etherealness of the universe, and to embellish life with the sparkling glory of the stars.
Design Challenges
The chief designer hopes to create an ideal residential environment that meets the expectation of the young people in this metropolis. Every detail within the space expresses their yearning for freedom and carefreeness, revealing the vitality and liveliness of the young generation.
Production Technology
The planet is produced by metal molding. Its surface is treated with special technique with gravels covered partially. It has to be produced to a particular weight, around 280g, so that it can rotate at a constant speed smoothly. The planet moves upwards and downwards along with the rhythm of the music. Dramatic movements are well integrated with the cadence of the rhythm; soothing melodies and soft waving rapport with each other, which has thus produced a sporty and brisk rhythmical beauty.
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