Efjord (Cabin) by Snorre Stinessen
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The clients fell in love with this beautiful site due to the existing nature, views and orientation, thus the relation to the nature and views become the natural main source of inspiration for the design. The cabin is placed on height with the existing terrain to allow the outdoor spaces to interact seamlessly with the natural terrain. The terrain itself provided a natural orientation and positioning of the building that allows the different functions to work in tune with the movement of the sun and the balance between privacy and views.
The cabin reflects two different situations and the natural terrain. The conceptual layout translates this duality with the higher part of the cabin closing itself to the west and opening towards the morning sun and the terrain on the eastern side. The opposite directions are sought at the front end of the cabin, opening up to the magnificent views towards the dramatic mountains in the south and the fiord and the evening sun to the west.
Design Challenges
Halvarøy is in a branch off the Ofoten fiord, Efjord. Ofoten fiord leads from inside of Narvik out to the Lofoten archipelago in Northern Norway. Climatic conditions are sometimes harsh with up to hurricane winds and heavy snow loads. The two volumes interact in terms of stability for the structure allowing the structure to open up the the different views.
Production Technology
The cabin was built on site using mainly wooden constructions. The exterior of the cabin consist of two materials; structural glazing and core pinewood. The wood is treated with iron sulfate to achieve an even patina. The interiors are clad in birch veneer, the floors in granite tiles, as the stone outside. Both types of wood are typical for this region and found all around the cabin itself. The sauna interiors and the ceiling of the sauna and bathrooms are clad in aspen slats because of the hygroscopic properties of the wood.
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