Boko and Deko (Residential House) by Mitsuharu Kojima
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Why is comfortable to be controlled by furniture? Today, we can obtain more comfortable relationships individually freely by using globally developing networks. Even though idealization of people has changed to be more subjective. The idealization of living life in the house has been still passive. So, I created the frameworks that the residents will be inspired by various actions to be found. Therefore, people will consider the quality of comfortable life and search the answer what I am. Those things lighten the whole society and make the quality of living to be a developing stage in the future.
Spaces are not predetermined by furniture, but the spaces that can be more freely chosen. Our spaces resemble the sense for finding our own comfortable spot in a place you are in now, for example, in a forest. It is like the experience of sitting under a tree to avoid the heat from the sun on a hot day, or of looking for a sunny spot on a cold day.
Design Challenges
The most difficult issue was to make the residents who could find out comfortable spots, fitting their feelings without depending on furniture which is identified particular actions. So, I set up several different heights of the floor as function to be preparing the connections,including ladders, steps, and slopes. I focused on just adding the movement onto function to create the various actions by residents. As a result, they found many different ways of using freely the connected floor that is beyond imagination.
Production Technology
There is a dance studio on the west side. Therefore,soundproof walls-which also serve as load bearing walls and storage are built on the east and west sides, while living spaces are arranged in between. The floors are made with materials of which residents will feel the warmth, coolness, softness, and hardness on their skin.
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