Larry Perkins (Trophy) by Scott Mayson
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Awards, Prize and Competitions Design Award Winner
The design honours the continuing legacy to motorsport by Larry Perkins. The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Corporation commissioned the design of trophy to represent Perkins contributions to engineering in Formula 1 and Australian touring cars now called Supercars Championship. The Carbon Fiber component links both categories of motorsport and Titanium 3d printed spokes and nameplates are generated through algorithms, one agent based and two form finding that create their form respectively
The Larry Perkins Trophy for Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix is a World First trophy of its kind in its international category. The elements of the trophy were designed in virtual reality that consists of 2x2 Carbon Fibre twill shell with five 3d printed generatively designed spokes that consist of an agent-based algorithm forming structures that are fabricated in Titanium. 20 titanium nameplates that visually mimic race car rear defusers are interchangeable over a perpetual lifetime where the drivers' names that win the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Melbourne 400 will be engraved over time.
Design Challenges
The Larry PerkinsTrophy was required to imbue the history of Mr Perkins racing and engineering contributions to formula 1 and Australian touring cars racing. We achieved this through implementing various technologies, VR, Cad Optimisation, Generative structures and use of Carbon Fiber shell that 3d printed titanium components were fixed too. The Australian Grand Prix Corporation board and several F1 members commented that "the trophy was of exceptional quality both in design and construction, one that was better than most Formula 1 trophies globally".
Production Technology
The Perkins trophy was made from Carbon Fibre Vacuum infusion, Titanium, Ti6Al4V, spokes, nameplates and centre naming disk. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3d printed backplate to hide internals and assist with holding of trophy.
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