Acqua Di Nepi "magnifica" (Representative Package) by Stefano Giuseppe Dell'Orto
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Acqua di Nepi is an Italian leading brand in Natural Sparkling water (water came out naturally sparkling) and they launched a special format of 1,5lt as represntative for their best client in Italy and abroad. For this reason they needed a special secondary packaging that could celebrate the exceptionality of the bottle. Inspiration came from the size itself and the brand identity. Noble, elegant, important, impressive. All these values needed to be represented in one single moment.
The design is made on a carton tube paired with a aluminated printed paper. On the aluminium mirroring paper has been create a special effect printing with Silver Pantone in order to obtain two different silver effects. One is shining and the other, in comparison, appear solid. Above on that we anphasize the design of the label but in a different and more sophisticated style.
Design Challenges
Express the speciality and uniqueness using a low budget for the secondary packaging.
Production Technology
Carton tube coupled with a metallic paper printed with a Pantone Silver to create the effect of two different silver sensations.
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