Cityways (Data Visualization) by Hyemi Song
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Generative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design Award Winner
Currently, fitness tracking applications are present in 60% of smartphones, and constitute a rapidly growing market, with sales of $800 million projected by 2020. They are also behind many ad-hoc devices, such as fitness electronic gear contained in watches and bracelets, among others. While the individual benefits of such apps are well known, the aggregated data they produce has never been studied to better understand cities – at least until now.
CityWays is a research to reveal human's recreational patterns through visualizing datasets from self-tracking applications, quantifying the effects of temperature, precipitation, and other environmental factors. Through finding factors that affect pedestrian activities, we also found implications on street design and zoning policies, possibly leading to a re-definition of well-known static metrics of walkability.
Design Challenges
Until recently, movement data was difficult to obtain, and required tedious and expensive surveys. But, information from self-tracking apps is a game changer because it allows people to discover how a diverse group of people from different communities move around an urban space – and what are the key factors influencing it. Thus, as the first step, we challenged in finding factors that affect pedestrian activities to redefine metrics of walkability in a city. Using data collected from personal tracking applications helps us better understand how people move around cities - and can lead to more human-centered urban design, grounded in actual data.
Production Technology
Data Analysis, Data Visualization (Javascript, D3js, Mapbox, Leaflet, Python, HTML, CSS), Data Collection
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