Manners (Gin Bottle) by Beatriz Suarez
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
For the choice of the bottle, we take into account typical forms of the classic English perfumery as well as the classical London Gin recipes universe, although the graphic elements suffer a very personal interpretation under the treatment of the brand.
The thing about gin is that is can be drunk in such very different circumstances, during the day, when relaxing after lunch, or at night, amid the noise of the disco. The desire to create a gin that would be equally popular in such different situations was a decisive factor in the decision to develop a new brand. Manners was designed as an all-inclusive project encompassing brand concept, naming, choice of container and graphic presentation.
Design Challenges
Once the label was designed, we had to test and adapt it several times to find the perfect balance between colour and luminescence under a black light, so that daytime colours interfered as little as possible with the night-time version of the label. The search for the ideal type of ink, the colour restrictions, and the long hours of print testing have marked the development of this project.
Production Technology
Digital printing and flexography on Tintoretto Crystal Salt. Silver foil stamping and luminescent ink.
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