Hong Maison Restaurant (Restaurant) by Jaco Pan
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Passing through the memorial gateway of the historical avenue, visitors arrive at the Jianzi Lane in the east after thirty-meter walk. ascending the stairs to reach the main door, there apparently standing an 1.67m wide door open to the interior. The entrance-hall with a semi-enveloped screen welcomes you to enter and appreciate the eclectic design with a mixture of affection and style, while incorporating the signature of the community.
In early 2016, the guest paid his visit to the architect, hopefully to create a flagship restaurant in the south of Nanjing City. The unforgettable charm sparkling in past Republican China essence was anchored in the space, called Hong Maison Restaurant. The place appears appropriate, featuring a sophisticated newly-built bridge joining two pavilions separately located in the sides of north and south.
Design Challenges
The dining area on the ground floor was separated into two halls, connected by a long passageway. The passageway keeps the principle of ‘through space’ to get light in the dark. Positive phototropism ensures primarily important dining experience when implementing the rule. The West Hall was transformed from the existing architecture, preserving the main wood structure in the courtyard. An optic center for the area was developed by re-organising microcosmic courtyard. Meanwhile, reverse supporting structure makes the extension strip off the floor of the existing courtyard to form a much more lithesome volume - as if a modern art installation was set in the classic courtyard. Double-glazed ceiling is used to filter light and save energy in the same time, and luscious and enough natural light is introduced into the interior when it’s sunny day; but artificially projected beam from outside to light up rooms with beautifully overlapped shadow. It’s easy to observe the wonderful scene that dropping water ripples on the surface of ceiling while it’s rainy day.
Production Technology
Materials: wood, plaster, terrazzo, marble.
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