Zeytinburnu (Sales Office) by Arkiteam Architecture
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The project is located on a place near the coast. Therefore, the origination point of the concept is the waves washing up on shores. The roof comprised of a shell designed by being inspired from the waves includes holes inside, representing the stars which reflect on the sea at night and these holes also ensure natural light to enter into the indoor. Similarly, the indoor divisions allocated for the sales representatives represent pearl shells hidden under the waves and take its shape therefrom.
An overall integrity has been provided as the project is comprised of a single shell and the wave motion is reflected on the whole indoor space. Merging all functions under a single shell has been intended for creating an integrative effect in a great place in terms of volume and having the greatness of the place felt. Similar forms have been maintained to be applied in different shapes and functions inside shell of the building and indoor design.
Design Challenges
When considering the sales office building, we have aimed at constructing a building which is distinctive, admirable and attractive structure with the shell in the wave form. All details have been designed for ensuring visitors to maintain the same excitement after they enter into the inside and have a different and integrative experience at each point of the place.
Production Technology
Special sheet metals and a silicon wall formed of transparent glasses have been planned for the building shell. Inside the building, mink colored amorphous lacquer panels have been, model area and shelf system have been supported by metal materials. The ground has been planned as marble and carpet. Amorphous forms of the building have been also used on the ceiling. The harmony and elegance of the mink, black, white and gold colors have been reflected on the whole place.
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