Siete (Bollard) by BKT Design
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Street Furniture Design Award Winner
Cities currently face the challenge of redistributing public spaces to favor pedestrians. Our contribution to this vision of humanized cities is a bollard that delimits and protects pedestrian zones as well as ordering and beautifying the urban environment.
The BO 007 bollard plays the role of both protector and mediator in the everyday urban scene. With this in mind, it is designed to help it blend into any urban setting. Its slim yet robust structure culminates at the top where it features a radial cut out pattern that diffuses towards the edges. This provides a particularly attractive shape that can be appreciated from all angles. Its tubular steel contour sports a reflective strip whose purpose takes center stage in low-light conditions.
Design Challenges
The challenge was to create an accessible product, with little or no maintenance, that does not require any electrical installation and would contribute to the city trend to regain public areas for pedestrians. All these characteristics had to come together in an aesthetic, functional product that could be adapted to any city setting.
Production Technology
BO 007 is produced in carbon steel tube and its pattern has a three-dimensional laser cut out. Its tube features a galvanized and polyester powder coating finish to withstand the natural environment. The pattern cut out has an engineering-grade reflective strip inside to make it visible from any angle and prevent vandalism.
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