Reed 5t (Linear Tracking Tonearm) by Reed, UAB
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Engineering and Technical Design Award Winner
In audiophile world it is well known that tangential tonearms are superior to pivot ones. The idea to design this kind of linear tracking tonearm came up from intention to create completely different tangential tonearm from others, which in most cases are very massive. While creating this tonearm the main focus was to create high quality functional, compact and unique design using innovative technological solutions. Keeping in mind that it will be dedicated to a true audio passionate.
It's working principle is based on Thales theorem and the rule that given three non-collinear points it is possible to draw only one circle that has finite radius and passes through all three. According to these rules arm tube is tangential to the groove of LP. Bearing system is as rigid as gimbal, but its friction coefficient is very low. Tonearm's turning part is based on low noise thrust-sleeve bearing. For angular rotation limited rotation sectional torque motor is designed and built.
Design Challenges
The main challenge of this project was to design absolutely new design of tangential tonearm. Also to find suitable electronic and mechanical parts that implements our idea to use mathematical ideas that this tonearm working principle is based on.
Production Technology
Tonearm is equipped with high quality electronic parts (laser, sensors, connectors). Arm tube, like all Reed tonearms, can be chosen of these woods: Macassar Ebony, Wenge, Cocobolo, Pernambucco. These woods were selected for their best acoustic capabilities. Main tonearm parts are made of aluminum and stainless steel. All parts are precisely crafted to ensure highest quality of Reed tonearm.
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