Beale Measurefill (Touch Kitchen Faucet) by Jean-Jacques L'Henaff
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
We sought to develop a faucet that would help reduce the time, effort and clutter involved in food preparation to help users find more enjoyment in cooking and baking at home. Incorporating progressive technologies and contemporary styling was key in this product’s development to simplify common kitchen tasks and offer a useful solution for busy families, helping to make their lives easier.
The Beale MeasureFill Touch kitchen faucet employs industry-leading technology to deliver an adjustable set volume of water on demand - ranging from a half cup/4 oz to up to 5 cups/40 oz - achieving precise measurement and eliminating the need for a measuring cup. This faucet offers the added benefit of providing touch on/off functionality, ideal for when the user’s hands are dirty or full. A touch of the wrist or back of the hand on the dial is all it takes to operate the faucet.
Design Challenges
It was a challenge to develop a faucet that could offer a unique measuring feature in a way that was simple to use without impacting its ability to provide traditional performance as well. Another obstacle was optimizing functionality in a product design that would complement modern kitchen settings. We accomplished this by combining touch technology, automatic shut-off and flexible metering using both ounces and cups with sleek, smooth design lines that are ideal in contemporary kitchens.
Production Technology
The faucet handle and body of the Beale MeasureFill touch kitchen faucet are constructed of zinc die casting. The spout is made of brass, and the sprayer is ABS plastic with silicon nozzles.
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