Profiles (Bathroom Furniture) by Sandy Venere
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Winner
Robern wanted to provide a program that could meet the unique needs faced with executing complex, multi-space projects for clients with discerning tastes. Our designer identified that these projects required more than a cookie-cutter approach calling for versatility and flexibility to adapt to the many spatial configurations that come naturally with the job. The Profiles Collection is a one-stop shop of product choices no matter the project or space requirements.
Add a little drama to your styling space with statement pieces that won’t sacrifice modern functionality. Introducing Robern’s Profiles Collection - mirrors, medicine cabinets, vanities, and lighting that pays tribute to art deco with a modern twist. Clean, modern styling and the latest in technology come together in an integrated approach offering ala carte cabinetry and vanity sizes, lighting options and finishes for sophisticated solutions.
Design Challenges
The project was based on the revival of the 1920's design aesthetic using chrome and nickel plated details in bathroom cabinetry and lighting. Due to Robern's involvement in custom high-end architectural projects, we are regularly receiving requests for this type of detail. The challenge was really in the details, producing the parts with consistent tolerances and attention to finishing detail. All parts are customer machined and plated or anodized in state-of-the art facilities.
Production Technology
The Profiles Collection is primarily made from mirrored glass and aluminum. The aluminum is extruded from 6063 Alloy, machined, polished, in the case of plating, or acid etched in the case of gold or black anodizing. The glass is typical silvered mirror or in the case of the drawer system, colored or painted glass is used.
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