Technology Center (Research and Development) by Paulo Brazil Esteves Sant Anna
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
From the precious geometry of the Pinhao, the fruit of the araucaria, the typical tree of the state of Parana, lying on the sown ground, to the slow and solid growing of the trunk, to the calyx, with the seed that they hold flying in the air, their stems defying balance and gravity. The golden thread that pervades this project, reveals the seed and the curved stem, that points to some place in the future, resting gently on the horizontal line of the architectural set, as an act of love with the land sown.
The architectural project was conceived in order to establish a new paradigm in regard to buildings for research and innovation can enhance and add value to a different posture in intellectual production processes in the field of pulp and paper. Economic and simple, without being simplistic, and devoid of any unnecessary additional element. Structure, volumetry and closures in glass and metal, define the architectural design.
Design Challenges
The main challenge was the integration of two main volumes with necessary preservation of the individuality of many activities, without the loss of continuity which is determined by a single skin that surrounds and delimits the perimeter of an architectural set with its continuous balcony. The accentuated horizontal lines, respect the terrain, and mixes with the landscape, conveying the sensation of sewing the ground by resting its terraces on the gradual slope of the terrain.
Production Technology
The main materials are concrete, metal, and glass
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