10 Degree Home (Residential Apartment) by Xiang Li
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
1. This project is located in downtown Shanghai. The original space covered an area of mere 40 square meters and only consisted of one bedroom, one dining room, one bathroom and one kitchen, in which the needs of modern life were hard to be satisfied. 2. For this project, the designers applied the concept of "micro architecture" to redesign the interior layout, and tried a new logic which was commonly utilized in transformation of small apartments.
The designers embedded several "function boxes" into the space to integrate daily functions, with activity areas being created between the function boxes. The original apartment, consisting of regular rooms, was transformed into a free-flowing space. The continuous areas outside the function boxes together constitute the circulation, with the yellow kitchen cabinet as the spatial center. Such transformation eliminated the "oppressive feeling" and also expanded the sense of space.
Design Challenges
The insertion of four functional boxes brought conflicts between the original space and new blocks. For example, the box for entertainment blocked the circulation and view of the whole space. Fortunately, all those problems and conflicts were solved perfectly by rotating all functional boxes by 10 degrees. Meanwhile, the rotation of the functional boxes can also bring more fun to the occupants.
Production Technology
Green and cost effective E0-grade plywood was applied as main material of the boxes, proving that even common materials can create striking visual effect via creative design. The cabinets feature precise design that considers all related factors and realizes high integration. Mirrors were used in the corners, which minimized the oppressive feeling, not bothering the occupants with reflections. The original cement pillars were remained, forming a contrast of the new and old with newly built blocks.
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