Towodesign Studio (Office Space) by Xiang Li
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The project is an office designed for interior designers, whose job not only requires unrestrained imagination and courage to break the boundary, but also rigorous logic in terms of information conveying and spatial functions, meticulous working attitude as well as delivery of warm services. Taking full account of the working state of the users, the design team created a warm working space that fuses rational and emotional aspects.
Minimal design language were used to create "abnormal" interior landscape, adding unconventionality to the space based on practicality. Trees and the undulating formation generated by storage spaces on the main desk produced the core interior landscape. In a small room, a plant pot also forms micro-landscape with the desk. Animal sculptures and lamps were placed on unexpected positions, which are eye catching. The floor at the window area was elevated, providing a good view of the outdoor scenery.
Design Challenges
In the meeting room, the relatively low floor height caused an oppressive feeling, so mirrors were added to the ceiling, which enhanced the sense of space. And the air conditioning diffuser was too conspicuous, which couldn't be moved due to the position of the air conditioner. What's worse, no suitable symbolic alternative was found in the market. To solve this, the designers ingeniously arranged the lamps with the square diffuser as the center, generating a interesting formation.
Production Technology
As the main materials, composite wooden boards formed wooden blocks in the space. Widely utilized for the resting platform, stairs, handrails, furniture, walls, the ceiling, hidden doors, and the Studio's logo, etc., the composite boards ensured a consistent wooden texture in the space and also saved cost.
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