Zhuyeqing Tea Store (Retail Space) by Xiang Li
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
This is a tea brand boasting a history of more than ten years, with its first store designed by a master. Our design is not completely innovative. We inherited all good design elements of the previous ZHUYEQING store and made some innovations and improvements. What we have done is to integrate the tea drinking culture of Chengdu people into the design, create an atmosphere of tea drinking, and reinterpret the brand ZHUYEQING through certain spatial elements.
1,The spatial design featuring "a house within a house", makes consumers feel like they are in the courtyard between allies. From the gap of grilles, they can see the bricks of the next door and the outdoor views. The space enables them to enjoy a cup of tea and experience the daily life of Chengdu people. 2, In the design, we presented the special way that Chengdu people make and drink tea with teacups(with lid), aiming at bringing back the memory and tea drinking culture of Chengdu people.
Design Challenges
Challenge: The biggest challenge of ZHUYEQING is how to innovate the old tea brand, at the same time creating brand recognition within the current commercial market that emphasizes the new trend. Solution: We believe that innovation is not always chasing the trend, but to find the origin. Restoring the environment to the earliest way of drinking tea in China, to the original concept of "erving tea", integrated new marketing model, recover the culture and attitude of life for Chengdu people.
Production Technology
We simplified the original elements of the store and highlighted its characteristics. Bamboos were used as materials, implying that the brand was from Sichuan. We made full use of bamboo grilles in the design.
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