Shan Shui Plaza (Mixed Use Architecture) by Ruifeng Liu
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The project offers a paradise similar to the Peach blossom Spring tale. Hence, a traditional Chinese landscape painting became the original source of inspiration. In traditional Chinese culture, there is an inseparable connection between mountain and water Shan Shui. The Taohua Park, opposite to the site, has rich waterscape. AT design team subsequently sculpted the buildings shape according to the mountains' silouhette, tall, straight, soaring mountain peaks.
The project is located between the new business center of Xian city and the river of Tao Hua Tan. It is hence a transitional link between the CBD and nature. In addition to preserving the cultural heritage of Xian by replicating the Chinese landscape Shan-Shui. The project has a strong relation to nature as it invites the Park landscape opposite to the site, offering the inhabitants a paradise like the Tao Hua Yuan Chinese tale to escape the city.
Design Challenges
The site area is smaller than the whole project's area. It demands a high density construction, architects had to answer the need of the client, but also offer a green public space to continue the park opposite to the site and to open the project towards the city. The old cultural city of XiAn was also a challenge, architects had to respect the historical aspect. The project is a mixed use program, its difficulty resides in finding the equilibrium between the different elements: views, flux, landscape.
Production Technology
The materials used for the frames of the building are white aluminum and perforated aluminum. For the facade is made up of three different kinds of Low E glass; Transparent, translucent and opaque glass.
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