Shiun (Shabu Shabu Restaurant) by HUI HSIN CHENG
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Shiun's opening time starts form day to the middle of the night. Whatever The night coming, it always attract the night owls who sleep lately and lively in here.Designer expects that everyone come together in here would be like ancient poets, hang out on a whim then enjoy chatting, so elegantly and unrestrained.
There are many flagship restaurant in Taichung, Shiun provide the freshest seafood in every middle of the night. As a midnight dinner place, Shiun dressing the light with black mirror ,to create the a feeling of warmth and intimacy in night time.
Design Challenges
There is fierce competition in the shabu shabu restaurant of the same nature nearby. It is necessary to find out its own characteristics and design the habits and needs of customers by means of market research.
Production Technology
Using the linear light to create the effect of starlight, and put a little Chinese style in the element of constellation. Designer use the dark tone in interior to highlight the light shade change, let customer conjured up the illusion of having meal under the starry sky.
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