Wall of Knowledge (Middle School) by tarik zoubdi
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The hermetic and protective character of the project is meant to be monumental : being covered with local stones, it is a tribute to the architecture of the portuguese old city of El Jadida. It also gives to the main entrance a presence which symbolizes the strength of knowledge and know-how. The metallic Moucharabieh skin adorned with "universal alphabet" as a symbol of tolerance protects the interior from the sun and prying eyes.
"Wall of knowledge" is a construction project of a middle school in the city of El Jadida (100 km south of Casablanca - Morocco). The school was built for the OCP employees' children.
Design Challenges
The development challenge of the irregular shape of the plot, has been resolved by the spatial distribution of the project, in three regular areas. The compactness of the buildings has freed a large area in the north for the future construction of the high school. the unaligned position of the two buildings, opens the views on the neighborhood. The roof of technical rooms serves as bleachers for the nearby sports area.
Production Technology
- Reinforced concrete structure - MATERIALS : COR-TEN steel - Local stone - Wood Acoustic panels - Resin floor - Self-supporting structure system for the Sport Hall - Plasterboard Acoustic ceiling...
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