Oneplus Bullets Wireless (Headphone) by Mac Ma
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
OnePlus Bullets Wireless is inspired by horns, implying clear and melodious horn-like sounds. To connect product design and functions, we have defined design concept of high-sound quality and burden-free, proposed and processed many prototypes with elements from daily life. And ultimately we decided it adopts the horn-like shape and round neckband with skin-friendly finished surface, which makes users' experience more burden-free.
Freedom from wires. Freedom from charging stress. The Bullets Wireless offer you an exceptional audio experience. Just 10 minutes of charge gives you up to 5 hours of sound. They give you freedom, power and convenience. Designed for durability and comfort, you can effortlessly switch between music, calls and Google Assistant. All bases covered. Use our new Magnetic Control feature to take control of your music. Simply clip the Bullets together magnetically to turn them off.
Design Challenges
The challenge lies in the production when needs of high quality appearance can not be met due to belief for the product. But finally appearance of the best is achieved with the efforts of designers, engineers and front-line production.
Production Technology
OnePlus Bullets Wireless adopts magnetic control. The music stops playing when bullets are fitted; and the music plays automatically when they are loosened and worn on the ears. Its cavity adopts high precision polished anodized aluminium alloy; glass transfer-printed surface cover is finely brushed to the highest industry standard; the skin-friendly neckband adopts high precision surface spraying technics.
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