Portuguese Roots (Lounge Chair) by Alexandre Caldas
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The Portuguese Roots Lounge Chair , is that pure expression of 25 years of aging processe in a story, that ended with the perfect symbiosis between Art and Craftsmanship .Designed to express a story , it is also a chair to create stories for ourselves and to share with others , we think it has an emotional response and most important , the public in general understand it .
The long lines stretched to the limit , were designed to give proportion to Comfort .You can experience a dimension of protection when you are seated on it and even feel the comfort just by watching it . It is build with one of the most noble material in nature, Wood with Natural oils.
Design Challenges
Since the 50's the life of the Portuguese in general has crossed with the most emblematic chair ever designed in Portugal. As a result of this exhibition, Architects, designers and others have been recurring over the years, trying to recreate and adapt the chair based on the original lines. These are the original lines that have been part of my life since I was 15 years old and have been growing with me ever since. In this process of growth, the idea and concept were also evolving and maturing within me to the point of wanting to create the version that would increase further maintaining the initial simplicity. To achieve that, I went back to the most basic creative process, starting with a sketch in Charcoal, going through the manual prototype, 3D technology, CNC production processes until the assembly and finishing, also done by handmade.
Production Technology
several techniques were used for the construction of this prototype, starting with a charcoal sketch, then , physical model handmade, later 3D representation, CNC work with joinery and Assembly by hand. The woods used were American Walnut and Ash, for the different properties and also for the difference of colors and finishings. The biggest challenge was to achieve robustness taking into account the angles and inclinations what we set out to do, but in the end, we did it! …
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