Pan Pacific Yangon (Hotel) by Chung Cheng
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Inspired by Quinta Buddha Light, the team has artistically processed and shaped the basic elements of the Burmese style. In addition, we created the perfect combination of the unique local style of the modern design in Pan Pacific Yangon.
Pan Pacific Yangon is located in the “Peace City” in the downtown area of Chinatown, Yangon City, Myanmar. It is adjacent to Myanmar’s most famous and charming Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda.
Design Challenges
The materials required by the hotel are based on the national star hotel material standards. High-grade and luxurious materials should be used. Therefore, our engineering team supplied the materials from Xiamen, Shenzhen and Guangzhou to Yangon. Materials transportation overseas has become a major engineering difficulty. In order to fix this problem, we have set up a special material arrangement team to coordinate all the material to ensure the progress of the project.
Production Technology
The designer used the unique products in Myanmar. For example the wood, the bamboo, the rattan, the traditional cloth, the jade, the bone, the ivory, the paper and the umbrella...etc. The design element includes the water waves, the sand texture patterns and different color combination. For the hotel space, it is hoped to be integrated with different features color, decoration and landscape so that a harmonious balance can be happened between the culture in Myanmar and the design of modern.
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