Fincap Law Llp (Brand Identity Design) by Dongho Kim
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
I had always believed that the best design should be simple and minimal; yet comprise of proclivity towards aesthetic conformation in aspects of appearance and connotation. These ethics stem from my passion of wanting to create beautiful design that is stylish and modernistic. In anticipation of the opportunities held within this project, compels me to mould something new, something that is creative, yet innovative, where initially, a strong brand design was not on the agenda. In this project, I can certainly challenge myself by demonstrating the extent of powerful design and how much can be interpreted via visual elements alone.
The fundamental brand design of Fincap law had been carefully segregated into three main elements. These are the plus symbol, square frames and lattice nodes. Each element has its own implicit meaning in association with the firm’s core values. These are respectively: Continuous Improvement, Legal Protection, and lastly Networking. The three core values were combined and infused into the design to reveal the distinguishing identity of Fincap Law.
Design Challenges
This was identifying applicable models with definitive qualities pertaining to the final representation, including analysis and evaluation of devised prototypes, which had later been filtered. Also, formulation of ideograms that would appeal to audiences whilst encapsulating relevant meaning. My novel designs had to be internally propagated, to marketing and interior designs teams, which later led to the approval for use as the official company logo.
Production Technology
The manually drafted prototypes were essentially based on fundamental geometric elements and its design concept had been technically deployed in several adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffect, Premiere). Through initial experimentation we had found many differing types of geometrically-coherent combinations, simply by using vectors and intersection points. The latter stages consisted of filtering through a plethora of designs to reach a consensus on the ideal solution.
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