Norlan Whisky Glass (Drinking Glass) by Serial Future Visions, Inc.
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Winner
The starting point for the design came while our designer was enjoying whisky in a traditional nosing glass while staring at the movement of waves in the ocean. The idea for how to create a more modern, high performance nosing glass for whisky took root. Discussions with scientists led to a primary focus on how to better aerate the spirit. At the same time, a double-walled structure was deemed necessary to create a more aesthetically pleasing shape around the functional interior.
Inspired by nature, digitally crafted, and meticulously refined with a master whisky distiller, the glass has been designed to capture whisky's complex flavors and aromatics and deliver them to the senses like never before. With the aid of specially developed protrusion forms inside the glass, whisky swirled within the bowl forms a standing wave shape, increasing the surface to air ratio and rate of oxidization, thereby reducing the presence of ethanol for more expressive aromas.
Design Challenges
Probably one of the hardest challenges was sticking to the project amidst all of the skepticism. Convincing industry experts who had been in the business for decades that a new glass could change something they knew so well, Whisky is a very traditional industry that doesn’t always identify with innovation or welcome change.
Production Technology
A double-walled vessel was deemed the best way to combine a high performing internal vessel with a modern exterior that exhibited our designers' language combining geometric and organic forms.
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