Growing (Sports Park) by MoChen Architects & Engineers
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
A. Folded land utilization – Maximum of land value 'Folded land utilization' is to properly allocate limited land resource, provide adequate outdoor playground and urban landscaping, and realize the maximum of land value. B. Integration of architecture, landscape and interior design C. Green Concept By integrating 'green' into the entire design system to create an urban green island which is rated as a three-star green building in China.
The contradiction between the space limitation and the huge mass of gymnasium couldn’t be resolved with conventional methods. Taking advantages of the terrain, the designers planned a sunken plaza to create a semi-underground swimming pool. Trying to make the structure integrated with the space, the designers planned a streamline dynamic building to suit its big volume. It has 3D surfaces, which made the shape quite complicated. 3D modeling method was applied to meet the technical challenges.
Design Challenges
In China, people’s living habits make them hard to actually go outdoors to participate in activities. To say from a sociological perspective, there shall be some 'blank spaces' inside the urban areas. we, as architects, try to provide the possibility of open activities as much as we can. Hopefully it will be a positive guide to the architectural designs. The designers paid a return visit to the project one year after finishing. What a fulfillment to see many children running on the track.
Production Technology
A. Integration of architecture, landscape and interior design B. Parametric design is employed to deal with complexity of the project. BIM has been integrated into the whole process of design – build – M&O. C. Structural system: The under-ground structures adopt concrete frames and shear walls, the above-ground buildings use steel frames, covered with grid-structure roofs. D. Equipment system: Ground source heat pump, solar water heating system, roof and ground rainwater recycling system.
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