Wuhan Oct Yuan An (Showroom) by T.K. CHU
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The aesthetic of mountains and water is an important branch of Chinese philosophy. The project YUAN AN is located at Wuhan, a Chinese city surrounded by mountains and water. Based on such context, the abstraction of mountains and water dominants the atmosphere of the interior space. Through the creation of a story-living space, the artistic philosophy and aesthetic enjoyment are daily and hourly exercising an invisible, formative influence on the residents.
The project is situated at East Lake Scenic Area, surrounded by mountains and water. Based on such context, we envisioned a series of intangible elements which can be only perceived by rational thinking rather than sensory organs, and made use of the laws concerning movement and change of matter in the overall spatial design.
Design Challenges
1. Since there is rigorous mathematical logic and geometric order in natural phenomena, we tried to use parametric models to create natural forms of mountains and water. And the challenge was to find suitable materials (e.g. artificial stone) with limited budget. 2. Another big challenge was to find various optical fiber materials to obtain the visual effect of a "waterfall".
Production Technology
We used 3D parametric design to create sophisticated natural formations by precise calculations, making the space unique and artistic. And we applied experiential artistic light focusing on sensory experience, with thousands of drop-shaped illuminants gathering at the end of optical fibers and forming a "waterfall" flowing down from the ceiling. Materials: Dionyssos Pentelikon, Travertine, Artificial Stone, Baking Paint Board, Cork Oak Bark, White Glass, Wallpaper, Leather, Titanize Metal
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