Led Canopy (Vmworld Us Booth) by ASTOUND Group
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
This booth was inspired by a show booth we had seen in the past with a similar wooden beam feature as a canopy. That booth, however, lacked the dynamic and elegant programmable lighting to really bring the feature to life. ASTOUND adapted and improved on this idea by incorporating the requested attributes of light, authentic materials, and movement.
ASTOUND developed the design, providing mood boards, material samples, floorplan and canopy options throughout the design process to ensure a practical yet remarkable solution. The final concept was an art installation that integrated over 500 suspended beams emerging from the back wall to create an overhead canopy. The beams were a clever combination of wood and internally-lit acrylic, which were programmed to undulate in unison.
Design Challenges
VM World US is Rubrik’s largest annual show and, as such, their top objective was to have a powerful presence on the show floor that would reinforce their leadership position in the marketplace. Critical to achieving this objective was to create an unconventional design and experience that would cut through the clutter on the show floor, while incorporating light, authentic materials, and movement.
Production Technology
The lit canopy was a notable achievement in terms of design, engineering, technology and materiality. Rubrik was adamant on employing authentic materials, so the canopy beams were designed as hollow pine boxes with internal steel tubes as structural support - this approach also addressed any concerns in terms of weight for the beams and canopy. The longest beams suspended from the back wall were 8 feet in length and all beams were designed at 4 inches by 4 inches.
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