Blooming (Restaurant) by Yi Chen
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
In bloom, she's not a flower; Hazy, she's not a haze. She comes at midnight hour; She goes with starry rays. She comes like vernal dreams that cannot stay; She goes like morning clouds that melt away. This is an enigmatic poem by Bai Juyi, a Tang Dynasty poet, whose undelineated imageries of transient beauty as well as the subtle rendering of an indescribable sentiment have inspired the design for “Blooming”.
If you get down to observing any seemingly ordinary flower, you may marvel at its sophisticated structure and magical colors. Furthermore, through the revealing lens of a microscope, what used to appear as an ordinary flower will be presented as a most wonderful image that is, at a time, extremely logical, abstract and awe-inspiring, as if an amazing kaleidoscope has unfolded itself before your eyes, allowing you to sneak a peek at the wondrous creation of God.
Design Challenges
Let the kaleidoscope appear in a dynamic way in space.The prism reflects multiple spatial levels, enabling the users to have more complex feelings on and deeper thinking and emotional requirements for the space where they are.
Production Technology
Wood, black iron mesh
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