Vermicular Musui-Kamado (Multifunctional Cooker) by Tomoharu Hijikata
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
In 2010, we launched VERMICULAR, an enameled cast iron pot with a precision seal where the contact area of the pot and lid is machined to less than 0.01mm of accuracy. It quickly became known for its “waterless” cooking which is focused on bringing out the natural flavors of ingredients. However, there was a concern that waterless cooking required careful heat control and VERMICULAR was only for everyday cooks. To address this concern and have VERMICULAR enjoyed by a larger audience, we came up with an idea to offer a heating base that not only removes the hassle of heat control but offers precision temperature control that can only be achieved by top chefs.
The MUSUI–KAMADO combines the MUSUI, an enameled cast iron pot with a precision seal perfected by Japanese craftsmanship, and the KAMADO, an induction heating base which is essentially a traditional Japanese stove redefined with modern heating innovation, achieving perfect heat distribution and precise temperature control. This one-of a kind tool provides cooks of all levels the opportunity to bring out the natural flavors of ingredients while creating an array of exceptional, flavorful dishes.
Design Challenges
In addition to our efforts in recreating the heating structure of direct heat with induction heating, we aimed to design a product that can be used more as a “tool” instead of an appliance. A tool that is timeless and blends in people's everyday lives. We simplified the internal structure of the heating base by streamlining components such as induction coils and electronic board to achieve a clean design that brings wholeness to the pot and heating base while maintaining the focus on the pot.
Production Technology
The biggest design challenge was on the heating structure of the KAMADO. Unlike a gas stove, an induction cooktop transfers heat only through its flat surface and cannot generate smooth convection inside the pot, resulting in a loss of flavor. As a solution, we installed a 360 angle surround heater in addition to the high-performance induction coils on the bottom – perfecting three-dimensional heating that engulfs a pot just like in a traditional kamado stove.
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