Huahe Headquarters (Office) by YUE CHENG
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Construction and Real Estate Projects Design Award Winner
The Huahe Corporation used to be a company that focus on the research of material. The concrete is one of the most important material in the company's survey. So gad wants to design a headquarter that emphasize on the combination of space and material, which finally leads to the magnificent spacious space with the least number of columns.
Project locates in an N-S site which is extremely narrow in north and east. To make the most of site, gad draw the outline of buildings according to relative regular property line. Glass curtain constitutes N-S facade, affording maximum showcase for the corporation's display as hoped. Windows are switched to certain angle to eliminate glare.
Design Challenges
The most challenging task is how to undertake the exhibition function in such narrow site. Not only serves as office, but the headquarters also takes the role of showing products made by Huahe to the whole society. The way gad solves the problem is cooperating with structure engineers, arranging widespread transparent curtain wall alongside the edge length, making the whole headquarters a display case in surroundings.
Production Technology
Company gad expects transparent effect on office space. By corporation with the structure engineer, two-line of column grids are realized in the building. What’s more, only one column is set in the double-height hall on the top, which perfectly display the transparency of architectural space. The corridor and hanging garden on the 12th floor stretch 33.6m from south to north. Take consideration of construction and maintenance cost as well as technology and appearance, prestressed concrete beam in long span is chosen compared with steel truss, steel beam, etc. Prestressed steel is placed into beam in order to make sure of the effectiveness of stretching.
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