Avanti Air (Blutooth On Ear Headphone) by Chih Kang Chen
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
These days people travel more often, the enjoyment of music extends from city commuting to a longer trip or flight. Besides creating stylish audio equipment as a beautiful accessory, from the beginning, we aim at headphones which can be worn comfortably and also easily storable. Hence light weight, foldable structure, long time comfort were at the forefront of our design consideration.
The headphone blends minimalist aesthetic and luxurious retro styling, built for portability and durability. Delivering high fidelity sound using bio cellulose diaphragm, it's equipped with the very best in wireless audio technology and an over 27 hours of playtime. The headphones can also provide a 4 hours boost by 15 minutes charged. It's premium materials include a sophisticated stainless steel headband and soft leatherette ear cups which fit ergonomically to the head for added comfort. By easily folded up, the headphone can be storage into a compact carrying case for travel.
Design Challenges
Avanti Air can be comfortably worn by people with a wide range of head sizes (from the 5th to the 99th percentile based on U.S. military anthropometric data). The minimalism idea is to create a simple curvature of metal headband that works as a clamping spring providing stability and also alleviates pressure by directing it toward the center of wearer's ear. Thus clamping force can distribute evenly on wearer's ear instead of focusing on certain point.This balance creates a perfect sealing to block environmental noise, let users enjoy their music in a comfortable and tranquil way.
Production Technology
The stainless steel curved headband needs to be accurately bent two times in order to fulfill ergonomics setting. The first bending direction is in consider of wearing dimension and clamping force. The second is a 14 degree twist for a comfortable and stable attaching on ears. For higher durability, the foldable hinge is made by stainless steel, connected with headband through laser welding. It is also capable of resisting a 15kgf.cm torsion from broken. The headphone ear cups were made by selected vegan leather, sleek, tender and better sustainability from hydrolysis.
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