Teawith (Kettle) by Fang Leo
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
‘ To design a beautiful and useful kettle, which can sit naturally on a tea table.’This is the original motivation. The project started in 2014. As tea lovers we found that: almost each element of tea serving had been designed considerably, yet when it came to boiling water, there were not much good choices on the market. The traditional iron teapot is beautiful yet not convenient for everyday living, and the mainstream western-style electric kettles are set up for kitchen scenario (large volume, rough appearance and interaction), and is not suitable for tea.
TEAWITH tried to create an unique tea experience that fits in modern lifestyle, while retaining the essence of oriental aesthetics. 1 The sense of quietness. The Oriental arched handle offers an classical elegant outline, yet the upright form is more reminiscent of Western design. The base takes design queues from traditional square-shape iron teapot stand. 2 Unique interaction. Hold the handle and press, and the kettle is turned on - one step in a fluid unconscious action. 3 Export in tea. The narrow spout offers excellent control of water flow, and ensures a clean and pleasant brewing experience.
Design Challenges
There are many technical difficulties when it came to the realization. Teawith kettle adopts double-layer stainless steel structure to achieve product appearance while satisfying performance. And The Overhead Handle-Switch is innovative yet also brings challenge to the structure design and manufacturing.
Production Technology
Teawith kettle use stainless steel for the body, aluminum overhead handle, and kirsite metal for the base. The curve of the handle is specially designed for a more comfortable and effortless grip. The base has a specially designed counterweigh , that prevents it being dragged or moved easily, and the whole kettle is stable and robust in use. The capacity is one bottle of water: 550ml, and water to be boiled in a length of a song - 200 seconds, with very little noise.
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