Guangzhou K11 (Art Mall) by Ben Yeung
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Aimed to build a connection of Guangdong culture, K11 creates a "banyan concept" form elaborate architectural shades, bringing a perfect integration of local community, art & life style. Therefore visitors will be indulged in an urban oasis and inspired to consider the intimate relationship between human & nature.
Gold is the color tune of K11 Art Mall as well as the theme color of K11’s brand logo. The whole mall is overspread with pleasant gold, seems like a stream flowing to each corner, emphasizing a luxury artistic atmosphere, to strengthen the people's brand awareness of K11. Banyan tree, the symbol of Lingnan Culture, is the design concept and element of the space, which can be seen everywhere in the mall. The leaves are shaped and projected on the ceiling by light, golden vines spread on the elevator, wooden columns decoration and the tree house sky stage, creating an art space for people.
Design Challenges
Art K11 brings art back into everyday living by getting artwork and art activity. K11 sets its eyes on urban cultural revitalization and development, and contributes to the cross cultural exchange. People K11 believes the advancement of quality of life can be better achieved by relentless exploration and revitalization of local culture. Nature K11 awakens everyone to bear their thoughts on nature and be part of nature at the same time. K11 will bring avant-garde green designs, sustainable programmes and encourage people to have more closer dialogue with nature.
Production Technology
Urban farming in K11 uses cultivation methods, automatic irrigation system and LED lighting supplements natural light that comes in through windows, creating a friendly environment. K11 creates a perfect integration of local culture and art, visitors will be inspired to consider the relationship between human and nature.
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