Urban Alice (Restaurant and Bar) by Hyouck Huh
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Urban Alice started with the following question. What if people in their twenties, who are tired of the constant competition in areas such as education and job searching, could have mystical and fun experiences with their unique imaginations, like 'Alice in Wonderland', at least once in their lives? It is a wonderland for youth where they can set the stress of their competitive urban lives aside for a while and drink, eat, laugh, and be together through the cultural activities.
Urban Alice is a new urban lifestyle platform in the area of Ewha Womans University in Seoul.The area was a hub for trend setters during the 90s, but later declined due to a decreased number of visitors. The objective of the project is to revive abandoned shopping center and create a space that will generate the cultural values need to revitalize the area. It is designed as a wonderland for all alices living in the large city, Seoul, and consists of the three stories.
Design Challenges
The lifestyle platform is not just a commercial space where people can experience culture produced by a supplier. The goal is to make an open space, in which the supplier provides a space with food and beverage services and visitors create various cultural activities and contents to share with others, creating interaction.
Production Technology
Principal Finishing Materials Floor-Terrazzo, Polished Tile, Woven flooring. Wall-Painting, Brick, Tile, ST.S, Mirror, Colored Glass, Wood Panel, Sound panel. Ceiling-Painting, Sound-Panel, Screen louver, Barisol.
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