Hefei Fei River Central Smart Garden (Library) by Bo Yu
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The library is located in the living center of the project and on the urban green axis. The center-clustered structure facilitates the daily life of residents, and meanwhile brings more people to the library, while the library is also enriching the neighborhood’s culture. The private courtyard of the library and the surrounding urban greenbelt together form a natural "green lung" of the whole project, providing plenty of public spaces for the surrounding residents.
The project is located on the axis of the core financial business development area in Hefei, by the South Fei River. Designers hope to redefine the relationship between buildings, landscape and the public, and thereby derives an interpretation of contemporary public lifestyle. The overall project combines the urban-planning green space, focuses on creating a multi-subject urban-garden type living community.
Design Challenges
According to the eye level, the height of the arc wall is 2.1 meters, which ensures a proper proportion of the facade and a good visual perception. The large-span and column-free space is both aesthetics and energy-saving. To save the cost, the arc wall structure is firstly assembled by 1200 meters wide modular units, which made of stones in 600 meters wide and 1025 meters high, and then the modular units are combined to form the curvature of the entire facade.
Production Technology
The using of black, white and gray color makes the building look like a sculpture, while the brown color brings a sense of warm. The interweaving of the glass and the flow of water dispel the dullness of the building. The glass connects indoor and outdoor spaces, brings changes of light and shadow, creates a dialogue between space and time, and makes the building look like a floating island in the city.
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