Touchswitch (Digital Room Control Button) by Arne Desmet
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design Award Winner
A smartphone is 1 single device, but it can do a very big set of tasks thanks to it's adaptable user interface. We took this very same idea and ported it to a light switch. Just like a smartphone, you can add functionality, adjust the user interface and perform upgrades on touchswitch.
Traditional light switches can take up some space on the wall, and if you have many switches it can be difficult to figure out what the function is of each switch. With the touchswitch, Niko solves this problem. The touchswitch takes up the space of 1 light switch, but can handle up to 12 different functions, thanks to its touchscreen with adjustable user interface. The touchswitch goes in to sleep mode when not in use and wakes up automatically when you approach it.
Design Challenges
Hardware-wise the hardest part in the design was to add all the requested technology in one small package while keeping the operating temperature and power consumption acceptable. From a usability point the hardest part was to keep the interaction with the device very 'lightweight'. It should be as fast and easy as operating a regular switch, that's why the UI design was kept as minimal as possible.
Production Technology
touchswitch consists of a polycarbonate backhousing, a stamped metal mounting bracket, a polycarbonate fronthousing and a glass display. touchswitch can be powered with 24V or 230V (two different product versions). touchswitch has a number of sensors on board: temperature sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor.
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