Shanghai Kingboard Center (Office) by Aedas
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The concept is to create an exciting new landmark to establish a strong civic presence through its iconic form and vibrant programme mix. This is achieved by simple massing configuration and connection to create a gateway. The covered area underneath the sky exhibition hall defined a public realm connected to the water promenade which will become a place that attract people and create more activities and vitalities during different seasons and time.
Portrayed as the gateway of Hongqiao Airport transportation hub, the project is deemed to generate synergy from public and commercial activities. East Tower and West Tower of this project are for office use. These towers are connected by a “sky exhibition hall”, with a rigid connection structure that currently attained the largest span and usable area in China.
Design Challenges
Connected structure between the two towers is an 360° sky exhibition hall, which is rigid connection structure with largest span and largest usable area in China. The structure has a span of 72m, usable area of over 6,000㎡, and weight of 1,600 tons.
Production Technology
Energy Efficiency & High-Performance Equipment – The Passive Energy Design can achieve 55.3% reduction in solar. CFD wind simulation is used to study and enhance the pedestrian level air ventilation in the vicinity of the development. The ACTIVE Energy System includes high-performance chiller with 13% higher COP efficiency, occupancy sensors, heat recovery and solar thermal systems are installed. Eco-friendly Materials –at least 20% of construction materials have high recycled content.
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