Accents and Form (Art Decor) by Dasha Matrosova
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Winner
Dasha was inspired to create these photos by simple shapes and colors. From these simple shapes and colors Dasha wanted to make a complex and attractive image. What became an interesting task , because making minimalism was more difficult than a detailed picture.
Spots, lines, shapes , shadows and lights …- all that is about graphics which Dasha want to talk about. Every photographer has personal features and unique style of shooting. Everyone has strong and weak sides. Dasha want to share with you passion and inspiration of creation. Graphics in photography is both complicated and simple at the same time. So my way is to create pictures which are seemed quite simple but it`s not… This collection shows very simple picture which is composed from simple forms: round, square, triangle and colorful features. Mainly shape and colors are the basics which express and reveal mood and motions in photographs. Graphics allows to show simple things around us in a new vision and performing form. There are no limits of perfection and mastering in this direction. Fascinating, enticing and very variable. Every time Dasha create a new look, Dasha discover something new – just use spots, lines, shapes, shadows and lights.
Design Challenges
The difficulty of creating these photographs was to limit the time of production and the complexity of implementation and transformation. Dasha want to draw your attention that the bald head is a professional make-up. A method of rapid transformation of the forms and image of the model without loss of quality and time was also invented. Post-processing of pictures that Dasha wanted to make absolutely clean, attractive and attractive for the viewer was also a big challenge for me. In the process of retouching, Dasha came up with her own method that she use so far.
Production Technology
Canon 5D mark iii + Canon 24-70mm f2.8 + Flash lights + Photoshop correction
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