Sake (Automatic Preserver) by Masaki Inomae
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Winner
With the recent global boom in Japanese cuisine, the number of Sake fanciers has been increasing both in Japan and abroad. In order to suppress change of the taste of a bottle of Sake after it is opened, some fanciers use vacuum storage utensils with Sake, so we asked liquor stores and breweries, and recognized that a desire exists for vacuum storage utensils designed specifically for Sake and commenced development.
The main targets of this product are sake fanciers and eating and drinking places that serve Sake. In order to incorporate the subtle and deep character of Sake into the product, we designed the structure so that switches and indicators do not stand out onappliances. Just mounting it on the Sake bottle switches this device on. In order to make it blend in among traditional sake vessels that can also be enjoyed as works of art, we developed two surface treatments based on sake cups.
Design Challenges
It is well known that the taste and aroma of sake change due to oxidation, but there is little solid information and little actually verified data. In order to verify that the effect is real, we solicited the cooperation of public organs that manage food product hygiene and had them analyze the difference between sake stored with and without this product. Data was scientifically measured and it was confirmed that the effect is real.
Production Technology
Using car instrument panel technology, we developed a light guiding prism that achieves a 360 degree illumination range for the indicator. We are aiming for an impressive performance in which the light seems to leak out from the case seam. The light guiding prism also serves as the battery case, to reduce parts and cost. We used plastic materials for reduced weight. We developed pottery and porcelain style colors for genuineness. For ease of use, we use paint that feels comfortable and stays clean.
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